For smartphone owners who fail to snap that perfect photo moment because their phones are locked, Apple's upcoming iOS 5.1 may have the answer.
A test version of iOS 5.1, rumored for release in March, has a fixed camera button next to the on-screen unlock slider, tech site Boy Genius Reports said.
"The lock screen in iOS 5.1 has a fixed camera button located next to the slide to unlock button, and instead of tapping on it to launch the camera, you simply drag the entire unlock section up to reveal the camera finder. This makes photo-taking instantly fast when you're getting the phone out of your pocket or bag," it said.

Also, BGR said iOS 5 indicates Siri, Apple's voice-activated personal assistant, has indeed learned Japanese.
BGR said the version containing the two features does not appear to have roadblocks, and will likely be included in the version to be released.
"We're told there are no roadblocks as of now in this release candidate, so we'd expect the version we have to be the version released in the coming weeks," BGR said.

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