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The game consists of a 'Free play' mode, as well as a 'Career' mode, where the racer must race his way across a number of Racing leagues, winning all the races and additional challenges in each of them, to ultimately become 'The Lord of Asphalt' as the game reaches 100% completion.

128x128 s40v2 (126.40K)
128x160 s40v3 (285.92K)
176x208 s60v2 (315.74K)
240x320 s40v3 (977.92K)
240x320 s40v6 (365.30K)
240x320 s60v3 (940.44K)
320x240 s60v3 (1.01M)
360x640 s60v5 (1.94M)
Nokia 128x128 s40v2 (126kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (286kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (285kb)
Nokia 176x208 s60v2 (315kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v3 (977kb)
Nokia 240x320 S40v6 (365kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60n73 (940kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60n95 (1.0mb)
Nokia 320x240 s60v3 (1.0mb)
Nokia 360x640 s60v5 (1.9mb)

Sony Ericsson
128x160 (280.20K)
176x220 (1.10M)
240x320 (1.50M)
240x432 (1.23M)

128x160 (293.06K)
240x320 (438.00K)
240x400 [Touch] (1.01M)
Sam 128x160 e250 (293kb)
Sam 240x320 D900 (437kb)
Sam 240x400 A887 (0.9mb)
Sam 240x400 s5230 (0.9mb)
Sam 240x400 s5330 (0.9mb)

240x320 (433.61K)
Cheat Codes:
*In the main menu press #1379* to activate cheats.
*press # during the game to win nitro.
*press 0 to win the race.
*In the Career menu press # to increase your level.

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