Only for Hacked Phones - allowing us to view Restricted Folders
like Private at sys.
Why is that there were bad feedbacks from S60v3 users for SmartMovie
It is because of problem made by the cracked or fake registered
liscense, or those uses Cracker mainly crashed and difficulty was
present. Unable to use the application further that.
This is one way to fix that problem.
The best thing about this trick is that reinstalling of Smartmovie is
not in need. As if there are two icons were reflected in you phone
menu after it was installed in your phone.
Download file at the bottom. It was in zip so you need a Software that
can extract compressed files.
After it was downloaded. Install Smartmovie. There are 2 files, the
base of application the second one was edited version.
If you see there is a file named, GangClub.bin
Go to the drive for where was the SmartMovie installed as for me I did
it in Phone Memory. This should be the path.....
This should be the GangClub.bin to placed.
After all, you can now enjoy the Video Player.
IF next days or weeks were passed. The crashing thing once again
interrupted your activity just do the same thing.
This is what you should do go to the path for where was the Smartmovie
installed. Look for the Folder named, Thumbnails.
Delete the folder and its contents.
Then open any of the icons of SmartMovie if you can watch the video
and it doesn't exit, problem solved. If not try the 2nd icon it should
work 100%.

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