Download Opera Mini Here
http://m.opera.com - Use you phone's default browser when downloading. Enabling Opera site detects the most compatible version into it.

Now, You Can Download On 4shared Using This On Your Favorite Browser Opera Mini Without Using Any JavaScript Or With Refreshing The Page In Multiple Times.

When you are about to download the file from 4shared.com there was a countdown timer displayed on the page. However as Opera Mini does not really supports this countdown. Downloading the file might have some difficulty.


4shared Mobile Site somehow manage to let that thing suitable for mobile phones.
You can choose to refresh the page by pressing....

''Click here to refresh this page''

But with this tweak you can easily bypass that said timer.

Now Press # + 6 or Open Your Browsing History.

Point The Selection Bar To 4shared, as it is the exact link of the current page you'd like to download.

Press 1 or for touch screen phones, just press and hold it.

Select, Open In New Tab


Wait for the page to load up completely.

Then, Bingo! The file is ready to download.



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  1. pwede din siguro mag set ng proxy..

    *found this site, seems helpful toolthoughts.blogspot.com