If you used to create an account on Mywibes then you're just a few clicks away from your personal exclusive mobile page!

MyWibes.com is a free mobile site builder. It is fast, simple, flexible and very powerful.

The said Wapsite Builder goal is to make a large community of creative people and let them share with each other whatever they want.

Previous days, the site just shut down without any words provided of what was happened. It was really sudden and for all users, this is too much alarming if Mywibes service is turning off there should be a proper announcement at least all uploads made and files can be retrieve.

However, seems everything is too late. Mywibes Facebook Fanpage already posted the exact reason why is the site was unavailable.

This are things they've mentioned on their Fanpage:

Inline image 2

Inline image 1

Inline image 3

As one of the person who use this service before it is really not a good result for every subscription I've signed up but since they offered this for free I'm moving forward to seek for more stable and trustworthy site that can manage to store my uploaded files.

For other members that didn't have any chance to save their files hope that Mywibes will temporarily reactivate the project  lending a chance to obtain important uploads and contents.

Mywibes Team advertised the other site known as Myfun however this site is only useful for image hosting but not a site builder.

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  1. I am so sad my site was closed
    but Now I moved to Wapka.mobi
    Wapka has better Features but 1 want some Features of wapka Like Youtube.
    Url Rewrite lile
    http:/Site.com/textyou like
    Bcoz wapka shows this http://site.com/site_55.xhtml
    ans http://site.com/site_textyoulike.xhtml