It's been a month that I've joined the Txteagle. First I not sure if it is true or not. I have checked Google and many people mentioned that it is legitimate.However, even though I'm not sure and due to my curiosity I'd created and sign in my account. Besides, there is nothing to lose as signing up is free.

Also, it is my way to prove if this thing is really not scam.

What is Txteagle anyway?
Participate in a research survey.
This survey will take less than 3 minutes of your
If you qualify and complete the survey we will reward you with 20 PHP in FREE mobile load time from your carrier.

To complete the survey and earn FREE mobile air
time please click the link below:

If your friends and family would like to earn FREE
mobile air time too, please invite them to join
txteagle at Sign Up for Txteagle Account

The time that I was done with the survey there was about PHP 20.00 reflected as a credit on my account.

The minimum amount for the payout is PHP 25.00 so it is not enough.

It takes a while before Txteagle publish another survey then as my regular habit I grabbed them all.

Please see my screen-shots on how does it works.

I'm not really used to advertised Txteagle but if ever you have the same question as if it is true or not. Then, this is the answer.

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  1. its true.. Im using it.. I have P42.50 on my txteagle. :)

  2. waiting again for another Survey. :-D

  3. Now i haven't got any survey for long time. i registered about sixth months ago and got two surveys but since then i am not getting any surveys. can anyone tell me why??

    1. Kindly reply me on sitekaaccount@yahoo.com

    2. Hi there, me too still waiting for the next survey. If you already confirmed your email they should notify you incase new survey found that fits on your account information. It varies on the country for where you are residing. This whole month of March, me, myself did not received any surveys from txteagle. I don't know why? Having txteagle really requires a daily account checking because it happened to me that I missed those previous surveys when I did not log in my account for a long period of time.

  4. Announcement:
    As Our Team made some observations, we concluded that every Saturday, Txteagle releases another survey. This is just to inform you guys. Anyway, some of us did not received any surveys too and for every 100% there is at least 20% didn't have an opportunity to get a paid survey and we felt sorry for that. Moving forward, I signed up 3 different mobile numbers with different carrier. 2 of them receives survey 1 still not, the newly created account and it takes a week or two to grabbed the paid survey. So just don't give up you'd never be a big ZERO the whole time. I guess.

  5. i'm on it, i'm using it and i'm waiting for the next survey