One of the leading Mobile Advertisement Network is Buzzcity. I been with them for more than 2 months and I've earned for estimated amount of $23.00.

Recently, I log on to my account and terribly upset knowing that my account was suspended. I had searched anything on my Buzzcity account page that may explain about the suspension they created.

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Maybe, I get satisfied if they just provide any reasons like invalid clicks or incorrect tagging of their ads codes.  We can say they just doing their job. But, a big NO. They are Badcity, I guess. Besides, I have 25,000 ads exposure and 4,000 valid clicks with them.

There is no exact information why was my account closed. All my previous earning seems forfeited and drops to absolute zero.

Clueless for a valid reason why Buzzcity did this, I sent multiple emails asking them about unreasonable action.
Buzzcity did not make any response at all. I did not received any support from them to cater my inquiries.

Therefore, I managed my site and remove all advertisement from them.  Business with Buzzcity is really a bad idea. I read a lot of feed-backs from different sites on the web that Buzzcity doesn't pay their new publishers. Possibly, I am one of the victims for this Quack Company and abandoning or suspending the account which already earned higher amount is their first target.

The Modus or way closing the account is the option to avoid legal payments with their customers.

Disadvantage of Using Buzzcity
  • They steal your traffic - when someone visited your site and click the ads or banner from Buzzcity you should earn something. However, that person will be routed to myGamma, a social networking site of Buzzcity or DJUZZ, that click is not legible to be paid. Theoretically, you are not the one earns a money instead the Buzzcity itself.
  • They reduce your day-by-day rates - before you earn approximately $0.007 per click but for the next day it will down to $0.006 and then the next $0.005 and so on. Cost Per Impression is also not accurate.
  • Pay out is $200 - imagine of how long does it takes to get your money as they have mentioned it will took 2 months before earnings can be obtained. Example, on the 15th of January you have reach $200... then you will only have it on the 15th March which also takes another time. Maybe this is the sort of alibi so that publisher sooner will get tired and stop using Buzzcity, but still Buzzcity already earned by that.
  • No Support from Buzzcity Team - if you sent them email messages no one will reply. If you call them via phone it will consume too much money. Besides, many users said that they speak an alien kind of dialects that no one could really understand.
Having Buzzcity is really a Bad experience and its almost increase to the maximum when I am still receiving consecutive emails telling me that my account has been chosen to advertise their Partners.
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Right now, I'm still looking for a Trustworthy Monetizer that will never cheats the Publishers. If you are with Buzzcity, a new member then I suggest to look for another Network. Being with them is just wasting your time.

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  1. Da.mn it, It's a real scammer

    payout min $200 but you earn maybe suspended before you earn $200. F-uc-k