The brave people on the planet Narkon, The salvation of your whole race is in your hands! Ou planet is dying and in need of organic substance that would survive and continue their family. You task is to steal the animals with beautiful plane "Earth"! Our flying saucers can transport the animals of one species. Make sure That you collected th required number of animals For their visit on the planet "Earth." Be quick. Otherwise annoying earthly
creatures can escape.

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128x160 s40v3 (256kb)
176x208 s60v2 (247kb)
240x320 s40v3 (309kb)
240x320 s40v5 (309kb)
240x320 s60v3 (345kb)
320x240 s60v3 (334kb)
360x640 s60v5 (517kb)

Sony Ericsson
128x160 K500 (254kb)
176x220 K700 (320kb)
240x320 K800 (342kb)

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