The only puzzle action game of its kind on mobile phones. Launch these rat raiders to break through obstacles and defeat the Tribal Cats! Uncover treasure in 6 locations including the Beach, Ruins and onboard the Pirate Ship. Each location has 16 levels and its own boss to fight, but with 6 different rats at your disposal - Basic, Splitter, Saw Blade, Quake, Exploder and Jumper - you have all the tricks you need to overcome. Remember, your ammo is limited, so plan each shot carefully or you 'll be walkin' the plank!

* 90 levels in 6 locations, each with its own appealing atmosphere like the Beach, Ruins & Pirate Ship.
* The easy-to-learn gameplay makes the most of your touch screen, but also works with regular phones.
* 6 kinds of Cannon Rats are at your disposal, all very cute and with different abilities.
* Get hooked on the addictive puzzle action, charming atmosphere and fun storyline.
* Perfect bite-sized stages for short play sessions, but still able to keep you entertained for hours.

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128x160:s40v2(n6101) [135Kb]
128x160:s40v3(n5200) [231Kb]
128x160:s40v5(n2690) [401Kb]
176x208:s60v2(n70) [254Kb]
240x320:s40v3 [339Kb]
240x320:s40v5 [756Kb]
240x320:s60v3 [785Kb]
320x240:s60v3 [839Kb]
360x640:s60v5 [1.6Mb]

Sony Ericsson:
128x160:K500i [232Kb]
176x220:W810i [921Kb]
Se 240x432 aino (941kb)
240x320:K800i [1Mb]
360x640:satio [1.6Mb]

240x320:V8 [343Kb]

Sam 240x320 F480 (904kb)
Sam 240x320 s3370 (911kb)
Sam 240x400 s5250 (945kb)
Sam 240x400 s5230 (940kb)

LG 240x400 GT350 (394kb)
LG 240x400 kp500 (400kb)
LG 240x400 ku990 (924kb)

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