Discover the Wild West like you never saw it! Saddle up as Zeke and ready your six-shooter, lasso and… space rifle. Defend the human race against an alien invasion in this varied platformer where you'll to experience thrilling gun fights with an impressive arsenal and ride horses, bulls and even alien bikes. Explore canyons, a Wild West city, trains and an alien spaceship to send the invaders back into the depths of space

* The official game of the acclaimed comic book Cowboys & Aliens!
* Play as Zeke and meet all the comic book characters: Verity, War Hawk and the terrible Rado Dar.
* This fast-paced action game will allow you to experience thrilling platforming and gun fights.
* Explore 4 different environments: canyons, Wild West city, trains and a spaceship.
* A huge arsenal is at your disposal, from pistols and rifles to powerful alien weapons.
* Ride horses, bulls and even space bikes.

At the Main Menu or During game, press #1379. Cheat will be activated. Now press following buttons while playing game.
* → Enables Fast Move: In this option, you can move your player to any position while playing.
9# → Looses the game, i.e. level failed.
3# → Show Ways.
7# → Unlocks levels.
1# → Show rectangles.
5# → Shows Frame Rate
4# →  Enables God Mode (Unlimited Health)
2# → Show Physics.
8# → Wins the Game i.e. Level Completes
# → Disables the cheat.

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Nokia 128x128 s40v2 (119kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (123kb)
Nokia 128x160 S40v2 (241kb)
Nokia 176x208 S60v2 (276kb)
Nokia 240x320 S40v3 (913kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v6 (342kb)
Nokia 320x240 s40v6 (924kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60n73 (927kb)
Nokia 240x320 S60N95 (918kb)
Nokia 320x240 S60v3 (919kb)
Nokia 360x640 S60v5 (2.6mb)

Sony Erickson:
SE 128x160 W205 (239kb)
SE 176x220 W810 (891kb)
SE 240x320 S700 (345kb)
SE 240x320 K800 (1.2mb)
SE 240x320 W910 (928kb)
SE 240x432 Aino (1.0mb)

LG 240x400 kp500 (1.0Mb)

Sam 128x160 e250 (253kb)
Sam 240x320 F480 (1.1Mb)
Sam 240x400 s5230 (1.1Mb)
Sam 240x320 D900 (361kb)

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