An adventure to be built! The Dark Knight goes down in the streets of LEGO Gotham City as a lesson to evil and defend the city from Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and the Joker! The action of Batman and the humor of the LEGO video games combine to create Lego Batman fun adventure for fans of all ages. Take on enemies with so many moves as the head and sweep, or flip the Batlame to hit targets from a distance.

*Hit the enemy with Batlame rotating pillars, sweeps and many other moves.
*Jump on the Batmobile and chasing enemies, avoid obstacles and eliminating the criminals.
*Go to pieces and build environments with LEGO bricks useful gadgets to solve puzzles.
*Explore the streets of Gotham City, Poison Ivy's greenhouse and the amusement park of the Joker.
*Battle Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and the Joker, of course!
*Enjoy a humorous narrative, in line with the spirit of the classic game LEGO.

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Download Links:

Nokia 128x128 s40v2 (104kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (234kb)
Nokia 128x160 s40v2 (147kb)
Nokia 176x208 s60v2 (270kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v3 (320kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v3 (928kb)
Nokia 240x320 s40v6 (320kb)
Nokia 240x320 s60v3 (939kb)
Nokia 320x240 s60v3 (0.9mb)
Nokia 360x640 s60v5 (1.9mb)

Sony Erickson:
SE 176x220 w810 (1.2mb)
SE 240x320 K800 (1.4mb)
SE 240x432 Aino (1.1mb)

Moto 240x320 V8 (319kb)

Sam 240x400 s5330 (1.0Mb)
Sam 240x320 F480 (1.1Mb)

LG 240x400 kp500 (978kb)

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