Discover a top-notch 2D scrolling shooter featuring over-the-top action and immersive graphical effects and animations. Fight your enemies in 11 levels around the world with a full arsenal. The exciting gameplay combines combat and squad-based cooperation. Take advantage of the new and extremely efficient cover system to fight enemies with the help of your teammate. The game lets you live multiple game experiences like avoiding helicopters and chasing down villains.

  • Progress in an immersive world featuring top-notch graphical effects and animations.
  • Travel around the world in 11 levels and fight in the jungle and even above the Arctic circle.
  • Take advantage of the environment to get rid of your enemies or use it to hide from them.
  • Experience the new and extremely efficient cover system over two layers.
  • Fight enemies with the help of your teammate and protect him from attacks.
  • Experience varied gameplay like avoiding helicopters or chasing down villains.
At the Main Menu or During game, press #1379. Cheat will be activated. Now press following buttons while playing game.
* → Enables Fast Move: In this option, you can move your player to any position while playing.
9# → Looses the game, i.e. level failed.
3# → Show Ways.
7# → Unlocks levels.
1# → Show rectangles.
4# →  Enables God Mode (Unlimited Health)
2# → Show Physics.
8# → Wins the Game i.e. Level Completes/
# → Disables the cheat.

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Nokia 128x160s40v2 (148kb)
Nokia 128x160s40v3 (279kb)
Nokia 176x208s60v2 (306kb)
Nokia 240x320s40v3 (836kb)
Nokia 240x320 -n73 (871kb)
Nokia 240x320 -n95 (839kb)
Nokia 240x320s40v6 (334kb)
Nokia 320x240s60v3 (868kb)
Nokia 360x640s60v5 (2.5Mb)

Sony Ericsson:
SE 128x160 (306kb)
SE 176x220 (1.2Mb)
SE 240x320 (1.3Mb)

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