If you like rock music and have a sense of rhythm, your road to stardom starts here! Guitarist or drummer, choose your path: travel from NY to Tokyo and fire up the most famous concert stages with your band. Enjoy the addictive gameplay
providing hours of fun: press buttons in rhythm to the beat of your favorite songs and don't miss a note or you'll hear it from the crowd!

* I Love Rock 'N Roll, Helicopter, Paranoid and more:
play with the longest track list ever, featuring 16 of the most famous rock hits of all time.

* Rock music needs its new legend: take up the challenge!

Download Links:


128x128 s40v2 (126kb)
128x160 s40v2 (135kb)
128x160 s40v3 (438kb)
176x208 s60v2 (323kb)
208x208 s40v3 (293kb)
240x320 s40v3/v5 (879kb)
240x320 s60v3 (968kb)
320x240 s60v3 (635kb)
352x416 s60v3 (303kb)
360x640 s60v5 (1.1Mb)

Sony Ericson

128x160 K500 (254kb)
176x220 K750 (297kb)
176x220 W810 (589kb)
176x220 W380 (835kb)
240x320 K800 (636kb)
240x320 C902 (990kb)
240x320 W850,K800 (995kb)

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