About the Test Project:  
The HTML5 test score is an indication of how well your browser supports the upcoming HTML5 standard and related specifications. Even though the specification isn't finalized yet, all major browser manufacturers are making sure their browser is ready for the future. Find out which parts of HTML5 are already supported by your browser today and compare the results with other browsers.

To test your browser go to HTML5test.com and see for results.

Mobile Phone Browsers - Safari, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, UCweb,  etc.
Computer Web Browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer
Tablets -  Opera Mobile 12, RIM Tablet OS2 for Blackberry Playbook, Firefox Mobile, WebOS
Television - Google TV, Sony Internet TV, etc

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  1. Thank you for the link. :)The HTML5 test does not try to test all of the new features offered by HTML5, nor does it try to test the functionality of each feature it does detect. Despite these shortcomings we hope that by quantifying the level of support users and web developershtml5

  2. HTML5 is great it is really a bit challenging to mobile browser developer to catch the features of it.