It's is just the same as Autopinger and Net Booster.

However this type of application is newly one and can contribute a wide stable connection.

Works perfectly for Both Smart and Globe. [Approximately any Network]

How to Configure:

1.) Install, go to Pocket Ping.
2.) Select ACCESS POINT - any working IP.
Example: Smart MMS or Globe inet
3.) The first box inside your Pocket Ping is My Address which will be fill in if you are connected. You don't have to change it as it is automatically generated. Changing this is an optional anyway.
4.) Change and replace - still Optional.
Number of Ping = 999999999
Ping Data Size = 999
TTL = 999
5.) Run by selecting Ping and for the Target Address. Choose whether:
00000000000000000000 or

You will able to see results of live connection after that.

Download Links:

Pocket Pinger S60v2
Pocket Pinger S60v3

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