MyWibes recently announced that the free mobile site builder will be shut down for some legality issues. They admitted that they can't control and monitor the wide spreading of Child Pornography on their site as some members did and upload PTHC files which is terribly against the law.

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MyWibes.com a Wapsite Builder
is now Shutting Down

There are thousands of people sued MyWibes by doing such action without proper notifying their members. But, despite of this MyWibes made an oath to their avid members that they will merge with XtGem.com which is also another wapsite builder and people can continue customizing and updating their long forgotten wapsite.

Looking futhermore, XtGem Team welcomes MyWibes users to use their unique panel so if you still had your Auto Login Link from MyWibes or if not you can use xtgem.com/mywibes. After successful log in this are the following things you might able to see:

There are still some questions need to clarify specially MyWibes offers uploading allowance which is bigger compare to thus XtGem.

Only folders are showing up on the dashboard of XtGem, how can we move our files from server?

If MyWibes will do all the rest. How long does it takes to be completed?

Well, it is really hard to tell.

Anyway here is another message I get from XtGem support.
Important Message
Previously added downloadable files uploaded to your
account using MyWibes tool will continue to be accessible
until June, 2012. Please move the most important files to
your XtGem account to ensure their availability after the

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