-With Handler Menu, working in Globe and Smart
-Other Networks, Just Change the Tricks in the handler menu with your Present working tricks.
-With Tribal Rev4 Skin.
-Fully Independent
-Upload and Download Capable
-Fast Browsing

Launcher Server Set Up
  • For Smart use MMS Acces Point:

  • For Globe use MyGlobe Connect Access Point:

You need a complete Phyton Script installed to RUN this application.

Download Links:
Nokia S60
OperaNextHUIv7.0TribalSKINbyErixter - 926.05 KB

Changing Header Value could help you boost the speed of connection as well it can change the Country for were are you located and for some other websites that has a feature, the Flag Image also show up to represent your current location.

New Header Value for Fast Browsing
IP - Country - Ukraine - Switzerland - Italy - Austria - Russian Federation - Russian Federation - United State -Mexico - Slovenia - Romania - Greece - United State - United State - Russian Fed - Bulgaria

For more fast IP CLICK HERE.
Color Coding
 RED - Slow
 YELLOW - Moderate
GREEN - Fast

Thanks and Credits to the FF. Clipper_Cloud, Lnuxlabs, Raztah_Vash, Archrae, Alexruz, Magicarp, Obat, Gizzmo, Aciong, Bullswine, Jinchuuriki, SgtPooh, Rukawa, Mzone Mod Team, and OH Mod Team for this fine released.

If above file is not working then choose this one operaerixhui7_0byerixter.sis [886.49 Kb]
Get your Phyton for Symbian S60v1 and
S60v2 here

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