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This great and cute application is now available only for Android and iOS devices but since there are too many Symbian users trying to request this chatting apps to be available let me lend some alternatives to make this apps accessible on your Symbian phones.

SimSimi is a super advanced chatting robot that makes amusing conversation to engage with users.

Using this app is really simple. Just start a talk session at your touch screen then SimSimi will instantly greet you with a cheerful chat. Like those typical messaging apps, just send your message through a chatting box. Don't be surprised by SimSimi's fast response. It's a super-duper robot, you know!

SimSimi's vocabulary grows by your input. You can teach SimSimi your own words as other users teach their own ones too.

If SimSimi has no data to answer your former message, it will say 'I HAVE NO RESPONSE'. Then you might select the 'TEACH' tab and instruct it your own words in a paired form of 'request & response'. Once you teach SimSimi a pair of words, it will make a response with those words immediately (approx. 3 minutes).

Have fun with the cutest chatting robot ever, SimSimi!

SimSimi was originally developed to be a fun and friendly chatting robot. Things SimSimi says are totally taught by users and not intended by the developer. This means there are some abusers that are making SimSimi to say nasty words.

For Symbian users since SimSimi web version is available now!
In the meantime use your mobile web browser at http://simsimi.com

Hoping that for the next update Simsimi will be available not only for Symbian OS but as well for all java capable phones.

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  1. make this available for nokia belle os please (symbian)

  2. @Anonymous, This topic, if you search with Google pops up in the 1st page as far as I know Simsimi was introduced by Korean Company. There were several requests that are also generated through internet to had a Symbian version of Simsimi . Let's hope that they will give us a chance to use that apps, me too myself uses Symbian OS. I love it, not with Windows Phone which is being handled by Nokia by now. Symbian is more to customize than the new WP. I admit that using web base is a kind of difficult way to talk with Simsimi.

  3. Pwede ba to sa SE CK15i TxtPro?

  4. Pwede yan @Assassin76 web base naman sya eh. Yung apps waiting pa din. Trending to kapag na-irelease. Hehehe.