Coming Very Soon...An Action-Adventure, Amazing Game!!! Manufactured by GAMELOFT.

 Update!!! Game is now available choose your resolution.

Wrath of the Titans! Take on the Perseus and embark on a dangerous mission into the underworld to rescue Zeus, who was imprisoned by his treacherous brother, a son of Ares and Hades. Go through eight chapters, which provide you with a multitude of challenges.

The list is in such in Tartarus, the city of Argos and intricate labyrinth. The game will add variety to magic spells, a wide array of weapons and dozens of opponents. Including harpies, Demons and the Minotaur.
Enjoy an exciting platforming, puzzles and solve complex puzzles. Feel the wrath!The official mobile game based on the highly anticipated sequel, "Clash of the Titans" (2010).

5 Places to Explore:
A prison in Tartarus, The city of Argos, Maze, Village and Heaven Rich gameplay options.

Shares a platform, fights, chases and puzzle wide selection of weapons and magic spells

Including available swords, hammers and a variety of spells Dozens of enemies. Harpies, Machai, and even mythological beasts such as the Minotaur and the Kronos Wrath.
Download Links:
128x128 s40v2 (125kb)
128x160 s40v2 (133kb)
128x160 s40v3 N5200 (255kb)
176x208 s60v2 (313kb)
240x320 s40v3 (1.0mb)
240x320 s40v6 X2-00 (364kb)
240x320 s60v3 N73 (1.2mb)
240x320 s60v3 N95 (1.1mb)
320x240 s40v6 C3-00 (1.2mb)
320x240 s60v3 (1.2mb)
360x640 s60v5 (2.9mb)
Sony Ericsson
128x160 W200,K500 (257kb)
176x220 W810 (1.4mb)
240x320 K800 (1.5mb)
240x432 Aino (1.1mb)
360x640 Satio (3.0mb)
240x400 S5230 TS (1.0mb)
240x400 KP500 TS (1.0mb)

Alternate Download Links:
After file was downloaded in order to install just rename file extension from ".jar.zip" to ".jar".
I made it personally for those who are using Operamini browser which somehow doesn't support direct download of Jar or Jad file format.
128x128 s40v2 (125kb).jar.zip
128x160 s40v2 (133kb).jar.zip
128x160 s40v3 N5200 (255kb).jar.zip
240x320 s60v3 N95 (1.1mb).jar.zip
240x320 s60v3 N73 (1.2mb).jar.zip
320x240 s40v6 C3-00 (1.2mb).jar.zip - 4shared
320x240 s40v6 C3-00 (1.2mb).jar.zip - Plunder
320x240 s60v3 (1.2mb).jar.zip
360x640 s60v5 (2.9mb).jar.zip
240x320 s40v3 (1.0mb).jar.zip
240x320 s40v6 X2-00 (364kb).jar.zip
176x208 s60v2 (313kb).jar.zip
Sony Ericsson
SE 128x160 W200,K500 (257kb).jar.zip
SE 176x220 W810 (1.4mb).jar.zip
SE360x640 Satio (3.0mb).jar.zip
SE 240x320 K800 (1.5mb).jar.zip
SE 240x432 Aino (1.1mb).jar.zip
SAMS 240x400 S5230 TS (1.0mb).jar.zip
LG 240x400 KP500 TS (1.0mb).jar.zip

Anyway I would like to congratulate myself as one of the lucky winners of:
- 2 tickets to the Wrath of the Titans advance screening on Wednesday, March 28 at Robinsons Galleria C-6 at 7:00 PM
- an original copy of the Wrath of the Titans The Mobile Game.

Courtesy of Gameloft Blog for Free Tickets of Wrath Of The Titans on Philippines.
for Android Version of Wrath Of The Titans

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