Sign in all your networks at once. With an eBuddy ID you can conveniently sign in all your chat networks with a single ID or I can say with a single APPLICATION.

Using a free eBuddy ID you can sign in to your
MSN, AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo! accounts with a
single username.

Don't have an eBuddy ID yet?
Claim your free eBuddy ID here or instead, create that on the apps itself.


ebuddy231hui202.zip [378.29 Kb] - Yk_Handler released.

Review said that the new version is using a socket connection and users may encounter some connection issues like first time online installation process, pause or long period of freezing while trying to log in and frequent apps auto exit. If you are experiencing the same thing we therefore suggest to use the previous but stable version. --->
eBuddy220bhui200b4.zip [351.94 Kb]

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