The terrible danger hanging over the magic forest. An evil wizard captured all the fairies, putting them in the magic sphere. Lights went out, danced over the undercover ponds, and even the birds have left the dark woods, doomed to failure without a little magic cruise . Be a brave hero, able to defy the terrible witch? Does he dare to go through a dark forest trails, to break the magical sphere and the release of good fairies? As soon as the hero collects the balls in the chain of three or they burst, and the fairies find freedom. But hurry, because if you do not have time-magical spheres reach the end of its path. And then the little witches are in the power of the sorcerer forever.

  • Bright, attractive graphics, a simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Lots of special effects and a great speaker.
  • Nice music accompanying the game, a simple and intuitive.
  • Excellent performance on all phones.


Extract zip and install jar with jad to get full



S40v2 128x160
S40v3 208x208
S40v3 240x320
S60v2 176x208
S60v3 176x208 N3250
S60v3 240x320
S60v3 352x416
S60v3 320x240
S60v5 360x640 S^3 Anna Belle

Sony Ericsson

240x320 W910

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