New Pythonv1.6.0 OS 8.1.

Recently, I've posted
OperaMini 7.0 Next with
Launcher in One Icon For S60v2
but I don't have any chance to test it on phones running under OS Symbian s60v1 and V2. Luckily, I got my wife's N70 and test that Operamini. After installation was completed it didn't work, suspecting that Phyton we have installed on her phone can't run the said application. I am grateful that my WAPTAMBAYAN and WAPKA friends help me to find the exact Phyton that can run Phyton based programs. I uploaded the file and it is now ready to use. Check the download link below.

A big credits to Arvana and Erixter too.


Nokia S60v1 and S60v2

Pythonv1.6.0 OS 8.1 [1.42MB]

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