Many of us don't have good graphics card in our PC. So, we can't play games which have high graphics. Swift Shader is a solution for all of us.

Tutorial on How to USE:
1. After downloading you will get a zip file, extract it.

2. You will get two folders and help file, these two folders are named x64 and x86, in each one there is a d3d9.dll.

3. If your Operating system is 32-bit- Go to x86 folder, copy d3d9.dll and paste it in your game's folder(Usually C:/Program Files/) OR, If your Operating system is 64-bit, copy d3dx9.dll from x64 folder.

4. Now Run the game, the game works........ Have fun...

It works for most of the games.

To remove Swift Shader logo from game screen:
(Don't know if it works or not but give a try.)

You need a "hex editor" to do this. Easy to find free one just google it.

1. Once you run the editor, load up the DLLs, and search
for "96 00 00 00 C8 00 00 00" without the quotes.

2. Then, replace the 96 and c8 with 01.

3. You should now have "01 00 00 00? 01 00 00 00".

4. Don't touch anything else, just save your file.

Download Link:
Swift Shader 3.0 [3.57 Mb]

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