Dawn of a new era arises. The captain returned to the skull! Bloodlust skull The captain took his revenge in a bloody way. Now the captain returns To show that he has no mercy for traitors. Send the enemy in the depths of ruthless space. Captain Skull Rust In Peace is a vertically scrolling action game with excellent graphics. You control a spaceship traveling through space. You are surrounded by the enemy.

Avoid enemy ships , Enemy fire and meteors. In the skull of Captain Rust In Peace you collect bonuses To replenish your health and upgrade your weapons. Move your ship using the arrow keys and destroy enemy ships with the fire button. Captain Skull Rust In Peace is the owner of the ship at the end of each level. To complete a level You have to win the fight boss. You have 3 lives at the very beginning.

Collect bonuses for health refill your health. Collect bonuses weapons to upgrade your weapons.


240x320 (293kb)
176x208/220 (211kb)

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