Don't be fooled my inferior paranormal detection tools on the app store, Phantom Radar is the ORIGINAL ghost detector.Phantom Radar (previously known as Ghost Radar Free) is a tool used to help you detect paranormal activity. Using the multitude of sensors inside your device Phantom Radar is able to isolate unusual electromagnetic readings and interpret them. By decoding the electromagnetic readings as ASCII or Unicode Phantom Radar is able to show you words that are hidden in the electromagnetic readings around you. Phantom Radar is also able to show you electromagnetic anomalies nearby by using high speed sensor sampling.Phantom Radar has been used by professional paranormal investigators in Tampa, Florida. Phantom Radar comes ready to go, but, we let you tweak the settings for optimal performance from the settings screen if you want.The radar display in the middle of the screen displays nearby anomalies. A blue dot signifies an weak presence. A yellow dot a strong presence and a red dot and extremely strong presence.It may take a few minutes before readings become reliable as it takes time for the sensors to adjust to your surroundings.


¤ Bug Fixed Unable to install invalid version
¤ now works on low ram phones like N66OO & N7610
¤ already resize
¤ For fun only > not for ghost hunting
¤ big credits to the orignal devoloper of this application

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Nokia S60v1 S60v2 [324.7 Kb]
.JAR.ZIP rename extension from .jar.zip to .jar install do NOT extract

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