This is the best answering machine. Accept, block and reject calls. Add and costumize your own profile the way you want it to be use. Add self created list, black list, and white list enable to use in your created profile.



Accept all - enable your phone to recieve all incoming calls. Same, even it was written as blacklisted still it will be accepted.

Accept phonebook - only contacts listed in Phonebook Directory will be prioritize. However, calls from unknown person still be accepted.

Accept white list - blacklisted contacts will be rejected.

Divert to phonebook - when this profile is activated whoever calls your phone those callers will be redirected to other phone number you set in this function.

Record callers on the list - automatically phone will answer the call without knowing of person in the next line everything he said will be recorded secretly.

Reject black list - white list only will be accepted. Same as in "Accept white list".

Reject all - all callers will be ignored. When the call is detected automatically the software will kill that call and sent back busy tone to the caller in the next line. It allow him thinks that the phone maybe turned off, unable to reach or out of service.


When application was closed (exit). Phone calls will be back in normal state.


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