A java application that was designed to accomodate the needs of J2ME running phones.

ProPaintMobile version 2.2
  • "Insert with the replacement of
    color" no longer depends on the
    size of images.
  • Added work with transparent images. You can save and open transparent .png images and work completely with them. Choose "Create" and tick the field "Transparency". Now we can open images in transparent mode.
  • In the viewer, by pressing the key # change the background in image. (need to view transparent pixels)
  • -Added a hotkey # + Joy Center
  • sets the cursor to the center of the picture.
  • Added information about the size of the selection.
  • Added and changed a few effects.
  • Made the ability to add additional effects and change the order of the existing ones.
  • To the "Fill Tool" added option "Tolerance", allowing to change the fill sensitivity. This app support fonts like PaintCAD.
How to use Fonts for App
To load the font is very simple. As you want to write a text, go to >tool> highlight 'text' and click on it. Then right soft key, which will show 'menu' click menu, then 'file' after that click 'open' from there to the folder where you kept the "extracted" fonts, click on your choice font. Wait for the app to return to previous stage. Your font is loaded. Now click on fire key, this act takes you to text box where you write your text.


Propaint JAR [293.87 Kb]
Propaint jar.ZIP [301 Kb] - Rename extension from jar.zip to .jar (Do NOT extract.)
Propaint Fonts - Extract ZIP file

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