Application to send and receive instant messenger cross plat-form to Android OS 2.1 and above. And this is WhatsApp PLUS modifan version of the official version in which we can further customize the colors that exist in the app, such as the bubble conversation, background color, the color of the contact's name, colors sent report, send button color, background color and text input etc.

Changelog v1.4 (05/21/2012):

✰ New color picker widget. More functional, adding y HEX RGB entries. Also includes a recent colors list. (View pickernya different color than the previous one and also displayed on the color picker colors we've used before)
✰ Color picker for the send button added (in this version we can provide color on the button "send")
✰ 6 different colors available now for notification (6 different colors are provided for notification)
✰ You can go back to the old color picker widget. Option added in "Other MODS"
✰ In holo version, option to set default size in header Chat Screen, better for small screens (also changes the send button to stock)
✰ Botton background color in chat screen mod added
✰ Text entry mod added background color (not for ICS ROMs as this mod as no effect at all)
✰ Some options disabled for holo version as are not needed
✰ Added message informing toast when WhatsApp has to be rebooted in order to see the changes
✰ Also informs when the default background has to be set to see changes in the chat screen


WhatsApp PLUS v1.4 apk Mobile users [3.9 MB]
WhatsApp PLUS v1.4 apk PC users [3.9 MB]

WhatsApp PLUS v1.4 HoLo Mobile users [4.1 MB]
WhatsApp PLUS v1.4 HoLo PC users [4.1 MB]

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