This is a very cool App! PocketLock locks your phone when inside your pocket or bag, and unlocks when taken out. No more need for the lock button(physical keypad) on the phone! Does the lock and unlock function using the light sensor


LIGHT SENSOR - Most of phones has a feature to detects presence of light. This is possible with the help of Light Sensor. A hardware component mostly located on the upper part of the phone near the frontal camera. Main advantage of having light sensor is to save the battery life.

Example 1.) The lights on your room were turned off. The whole place was so dark. Your phone didn't catch any light.
Then, keypads and LCD will automatically light up helping you to navigate and see things clearer on your phone.

Example 2.) During daytime you are walking under the hit of the sun. Have you notice that your phone's LCD and keypads light are not turning on?
This is to save the battery consumption since you are using the natural light from the sun.
Aside from the sun, as long as you are on the places where light is present still this feature is active.(e.g. Rooms/Places with Light Bulb, Fluorescent Light etc.

- The sample pictures above is Nokia N70 that is S60v2 but this application is running under OS S60v3 and above.


Nokia S60v3 S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle

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