I just saw this shared from the web and I was amazed by it's feature. A Symbian phone turns to be WP7. Anyway, I only have 2 phones. Series 60v2 and S60v3 so drop by and check this out you guys which are using S60v5 and S^3. Some called this Lumpia [drooling] ^.^
I don't why maybe because it sounds the same as Lumia.

Consider the following installation tutorial:

1. Install SPB Shell
2. After Installing SPB Shell v3 .8, Open SPB Shell (Go to SPB
Shell settings> Click Settings at the bottom right> now
press the Exit Shell)
3. Extract the file using WinRar [Any extracting software]
4. Copy the folder named 'SPBShell' and paste in (E:/other)
5. Hapus _20028b16.reg SpbShell file from C:/System/Apps
6. Copy 'MSettings' and paste in (E:/)
7. Install the WP theme and apply as a theme Dark.Sis
8. Open SPB Shell, select Settings> press the right softkey at the bottom> select restore> Browse for file 'MSettings' place in E:/. Load and wait until the process is complete. Enjoy your Lumpia


I'm not sure what disadvantages this app may bring. So be aware and if your not sure as well then refrain from using this software.


Additional Link Will be Added Soon...
SPBShell v3.8.sis (6.24 MB)
Lumia WP7.rar (13.42 MB)

SPBShell v3.8.sis (6.24 MB) Link 2

Lumia WP7.rar (13.42 MB) Link 2

Registration Code for SPBshell

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