Scalado PhotoFusion is a set of imaging functions that allows users to apply exciting and spontaneous effects to pictures in real-time, increasing value and exclusivity in camera phones.

Image of Sample Work of PhotoFusion

Photo shared by OMbian Nhoy Jikiri

App Details

PhotoFusion adds high–end camera functionality to Symbian OS Series 60 and UIQ camera phones, greatly improving the user’s photo experience. It consists of a set of advanced photo functions allowing picture capturing, editing, viewing and sharing that can then be stored or sent via MMS or E-mail. Creating breathtaking panoramas, taking close-ups of details or changing people’s looks are just some of the possibilities in PhotoFusion.

The Functional Advantage

Digital Zoom allows users to capture and view close-ups of minute details by zooming up to 400% into an image. PhotoStrip creates one image with up to nine photos in a collage. The image is created as a high quality JPEG image in print quality. Panorama create up to 360° vertical or horizontal panorama photos. PhotoFusion’s Warp Filters enable users to create funny portraits and caricatures with several real-time effects. All effects are visible in the display as the object is viewed through the camera lens. The Camera Settings menu enables users to select various image sizes, image qualities and color filters. Users can also activate contrast, sharpening and night modes.

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PhotoFusion Supplied by GanjaBLooD

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