For the most frustrating and addictive games for your mobile device that's what we sought to find out these are the top five game for Android and iOS you won't be able to put down.

Frustrating mobile games have been around for years. However, why success of the Flappy Bird made us to see a lot of other favorite games in a different way? Now that the Flappy Bird bird is no longer available for download.

We’d give you nice, spread equally, and frustrating yet, incredibly addictive mobile games and of course, in no particular order.

Threes for Android and iOS

Image of Threes for Android and iOS
A recent addition to the App Store and even more recently added to Google Play is Threes. It’s a puzzle game that will test your patience and your ability to walk away. The premise is simple: you have a 4x4 grid of squares, filled with cards with numbers on them. Add numbered cards together by swiping them together against what the game caused it fall to get the sum of their value.

For instance, if you add one “3” to another “3,” you get a “6” card. The only exception to the rule is with cards numbered one or two. You can only add 1’s and 2’s together to get “3.” You cannot add two “1” or two “2” together.

Continue adding cards together to achieve the highest number cards possible and likewise—SCORE!

The game ends when you can no longer add any cards together due to a gridlock. This game is quite literally so addictive, it's dangerous, it incredibly easy to say, “Just one more time. “ Before you know it, it's nearly 5 A.M. and you have to wake up in two hours to work.

Backflip Madness

Image of Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness is a recent addiction for many. It’s a free acrobatic game, the characters positioned in various locations within a single map and you must perform backflips on different moves and land within a coned area. OK, it’s all sounds pretty simple but it requires great timing and a lot of patience.

Use an action button in the lower right corner to control the character. Tapping the button too soon or too late and you fall flat on your face.

You have a set of number of failed attempts before you FAILED the level. However, you can miss the coned area as many times as you please, so long as you stick for landing.

To practice, you can access a free play mode. Backflip Madness is 0.99 cents and will provide hours a frustratingly good fun!

Roid Rage

Image of Roid Rage
Roid Rage is a cross between asteroids and Flappy Bird. How is that possible, you ask? You control a ship caught in the middle of a deep space asteroid build. You begin as an unpaid intern on a basic spaceship.

You have one mission, collect all the spilled juice. Worst job EVER! Sounds simple right? Think again, this spaceship speed turn to 11 and controls a very touchy. Not to mention, tons of asteroids there everywhere.

Just when you think you've got a hang of it—BOOM! The space ship explodes into a million pieces.

At certain milestones you can unlock different ships and pilots. Roid Rage,is free to play but ad supported. If you purchase just one and unlocked, the ads will be removed forever. This is another one of those “one more time games.”

Smash Hit

Image of Smash Hit
Smash Hit is extremely simple to play and understand. But, the longer you play, the more challenging it becomes. Moving through abstract environments obstructed by fragile crystals. Smash spheres into those crystals and watch them shattered before your eyes.

More spheres for destroying designated prisons can earn power-ups by hitting them with the spheres as well. Smash Hit is free to play but if you want to dismiss features such as, picking up from various checkpoints you must purchase the app.

Super Hexagon

Image of Super Hexagon
Finally, Super Hexagon available for Android and iOS. The game could not be more difficult. Essentially, you are guiding a pointer through a series of walls which are moving towards the centre and increasingly difficult. Dodge the walls as long as possible. The trance of music paired with hypnotic spinning graphics, you can easily get lost in the game.

All these games are so great because the controls and instructions are unbelievably simple. Plus the gameplay is wildly difficult and they have nearly infinite replayability. This is what makes them so frustrating also extremely addictive.

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