Samsung is back again this year with a trio of new wearables, the Gear 2 being the successor to the original Galaxy Gear. Did Samsung get it right this time? Let's take a look and find out! Alright, so here it is the Samsung Gear 2 the successor to the original Galaxy Gear but this time around without the Galaxy branding. There were a lot of flaws with the original Galaxy Gear but Samsung is looking to rectify all that with the Gear 2 starting with the hardware.

Samsung Gear 2 Hardware Features

Image of Samsung Gear 2 New Hardware Features
  • It still comprise the metal on both the face and the clasp which gives a very premium look and feel.
  • With textured black bands which are now removable, whereas on the original they were not.
  • Just from the hardware alone the Gear 2 feels much more refined in comparison to the original; it still has an industrial look without trying so hard to look industrial with visible screws.
  • It's smaller, more compact and lightweight coming in at 60 grams make it very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Done a much better job accuracy on the watches actual hardware make the Gear 2 look a little more like in normal watch.

Gear 2 Smart Watch Camera Functionality

Like the camera module for example, which no longer protrude from the watch itself or the class. The camera on the other hand is still pretty much more of the same coming in at a whopping 2 megapixels. Like a mentioned earlier, it does much better integrate it into the body of the watch but don't expect much from it. After all, we're talking about a two megapixel camera on a watch here. If taking pictures or record a short clips from your watch is important to you, then the Gear 2 is definitely the one to get! You can also have the files automatically transferred to your phone for easy viewing.

Pre-loaded With New Features

  • The power button which also doubles as a home button has been moved to the front.
  • Even the charging accessory is a lot smaller now, it's not that big, bulky, awkward to use charger that we saw all that the Galaxy Gear.
  • It's got some new hardware as well like the inclusion of the IR blaster to control your TV.
  • A heart rate monitor just like the Galaxy S5.
  • Like the S5 the Gear 2 has been bumped up to IP 67 certification, meaning it is dust and water-resistant up to 30 meters.

Gear 2 Screen Resolution

The display hasn't changed much, it it's still a 1.63 inch display with 320x320 resolution and it's very bright and vivid making it very easy to see outdoors. It's in nicely sized display making it very comfortable to glance at small bits of information without making a watch larger than it really needs to be.

A Wearable Watch Based On Its Internal Specs

If you really want to know it is a slight bump from the original 1 gigahertz dual core processor, 512 megabytes of RAM, 4GB internal storage. The performance is smooth and responsive whether you're swiping or opening up apps, very seldom did I ever find yourself having to repeat a tap or gesture because it didn't register.

As far as the battery is concern, it is rocking a 300mAh which doesn't sound all that big but it is a watch after all. So far the battery life has been great active and get about three days out a bit before you have to be charged. So, it seems pretty solid as far as we concerned. There's not a whole lot you can do in terms of battery management except for keeping the screen brightness low but even at relatively high brightness, you should still be on the reasonable amount of time at the watch before having to recharge it.

The Samsung Gear 2 Software and Apps

One of the biggest shifts from the Galaxy Gear to the Gear 2 is the software. The Gear two is running on Samsung's own Tizen platform whereas the Galaxy Gear ran Android. The overall functionality is still pretty much the same. It’s still have all the same basic app like the dialer, contacts, email, the ability to check your notifications and for better or worse Samsung's own S voice is still present here as well.

Samsung's also been really big on pushing fitness for the last year or so and on top of the heart rate monitor that mentioned earlier, there's also an entire exercise app for measuring running, walking, cycling, hiking and how many calories you burned.

You've also got a pedometer to measure your steps and we.re not sure if it's a connectivity issue or just a bug. Because it intended to freeze a lot and all of the sudden your stats were just skyrocket. So, it's hard to really gauge how accurate the pedometer actually is.

You can also monitor your sleep, turns out not only does it measure how long you sleep but also of how long you lay motionless while you sleep.

Some app seems useful and to think most people will too is the Find My Device in media controller. Find My Device not only can use it to locate your phone but the watch as well through Samsung own gear manager app, provided the two are still connected and in range.

With Media Controller you can control your music on your phone directly from your watch. You can pause, play and skip tracks and it doesn't have to be from Samsung's Music Player either. You can try other music player like Google play music and it worked great which was actually rather convenient.

Samsung Gear 2 is Now on Sale

The Gear 2 is available now for $300 through various outlets and whether its worth that money is going to be purely up to you, as it is only compatible with strictly Samsung devices. However, it does offer a lot of functionality that other smart watches don't. Beside, Samsung got it right this time; the Gear 2 definitely feels much more refined and polished in comparison to the original in pretty much every way. It's everything the original Galaxy Gear should have been with much better hardware and a lot of extra functionality.

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